Solar clip for Ray-Ban Sunglasses: can we choose it custom?

The clip solar for eyeglasses is a practical accessory and easy to set up that allows to protect the rays of the Sun in a few seconds, whenever you want! Explanations.

The advantages of the solar clip

The solar clip allows to transform the sunglasses in sunglasses from a simple clip. cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet, Thanks to him, it is more useful to invest in a second mount fits your view and carry it around with you. With the solar clip, we therefore savings and you can enjoy a pair of glasses two in one, ray ban mens sunglasses, both pretty and practical. Pretty? Yes, absolutely! The time where the solar OTG rhymed with lack of taste is over! Now, you can choose custom and wear without seeming old-fashioned!

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A solar clip custom

Many companies specialized in the manufacturing of solar OTG offer bespoke products. Because it’s the clip, that should marry the mount and not the other way around, you can now choose an accessory that is perfectly suited to his eyeglasses and take advantage of the latest technologies in sunglasses. ray ban mens sunglasses cheap, That your mount is plastic, titanium, acetate or metal, it is possible to design the solar clip which will sublimate while remaining discreet! You won’t have to set it up and remove it according to the whims of the weather…

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Oakley Forehand Neon Yellow w/ Black Iridium Sunglasses

Oakley Forehand Neon Yellow w/ Black Iridium Sunglasses

15 pairs of sunglasses tinted like Selena Gomez & Bella Hadid

Resurrected by icons of fashion as Bella Hadid or Selena Gomez, the colored glasses sunglasses will do the beautiful days of spring-summer 2017! Here are 15 pairs to shopper

Hunt the 2000s, they return to galloping! While it was thought never to see again some trends – like the dental strass, including – fashion shows us again that nothing is ever really buried and that history will continue to repeat itself endlessly. ray ban sunglasses aviator womens, The new part back from the dead this season? Sunglasses with colored glasses that you wore in adolescence with a beautiful ponytail well pasted (with the two strands on the sides, of course) and creoles XXL. Remember? They were don’t protect anything at all, they did not leave our nose, making us see life through a #filter psyche, well before the era of Insta. ray ban sunglasses cheap, The stars, they certainly have not forgotten this cult of the years Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez pair and Bella Hadid are living proof that the spring of 2017 will be placed under the sign of the retro bling! Amateurs of their vitamin mounts, here are 15 sunglasses to get here, now, immediately. As long as there is sunlight.

Dyed in yellow, blue, pink or totally degraded if you a phew (but especially not mirror), the sunglasses of the season will be pop or will not. cheap ray ban wayfarer sunglasses, In contrast to last summer, which had seen the craze for pairs round, butterfly or double-deck, whatever form is chosen in 2017 – aviator, round or even square, top of the line – provided that the glasses are transparent. We know, it will be difficult to watch without be spotted, but we’re willing to make compromises in the name of the style!

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Ray-Ban RB4105 50 FOLDING WAYFARER Sunglasses

  • Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 901 Black/Crystal Green
  • Ray-Ban New Wayfarer RB2132 901L Black/Crystal Green *
  • Ray-Ban Wayfarer RB2140 Unisex Shiny Black Frame Green Lens Sunglasses (50 Mm), Size One Size Fits All (Leather)
  • Authentic Rayban Wayfarer Black Camouflage Rb2140-f 1155 Italy
  • Black Unisex Wayfarer Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  • Ray Ban Wayfarer Style Sunglasses Black And Green

Sunglasses of the season are straight out of a movie

Goggles Vogue brand was born in 1973 with the same name of the famous fashion magazine. Vogue models is distinguished by its innovative design, the wide range of colors and frames and details on sideburns, that transform the glasses into a sought-after fashion accessory.

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Yes, is Bella Hadid. Once again. Yes, below is Kendall Jenner. Again also. And for the third time Yes, references back to the time of change of the century and Millennium. ray bans sunglasses sale, But once again joining these celebrities with those years is not a capricious action or desire to repeat, is that the trend in aesthetics matter goes through back to the nearest past and the looks of these two models are a reliable indication of what will become massive and omnipresent, like more or less like. ray ban sunglasses wayfarer, Because, indeed, have done it again: both Bella and Kendall have worn the sunglasses of the season that have come directly out of a film (or rather, of a trilogy) that premiered in 1999 and left an undeniable stylistic grounds.

According to a strictly chronological order, the first to endorse them was Kendall; a month later, Bella has done the same by slightly varying the original version since, the coordinates of the accessory were perfectly drawn on the tape that were an essential part of the look of the actor: No in the Matrix. oakley gafas de sol hombre, The snap is so closely linked to it as the infinity long leather coat and is simple to recreate the mental image of that Mount air, thin metal pins and oval glass. However, the last factor which in fact would be the true leitmotiv for this spring/summer is a narrow silhouette, a far cry from the forms XL that have prevailed for years.

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Oakley Jawbreaker OO9290 Baratas

Oakley Jawbreaker OO9290 Baratas

Kendall, like Balenciaga or Courreges option, is perhaps the most risky as to greater fidelity with respect to those created by the firm shield exclusively for feature films. ray ban sale 90 off, Slightly more straight, especially at the top, just come to rub the cheekbones and the aesthetic weight in the final result is that despite a small futuristic and retro flavor is impossible to ignore.

Ray-Ban RB4165 54 JUSTIN Gradient Collection Sunglasses

That, the halo from the past looking to the future together with a silhouette that goes from small to medium, is precisely what defines the Bella, that dispense with the frame in the lower part and sideburns but that, on the contrary, lose any curve in favour of rectangular shapes. cheap ray bans for sale, The similarities with the hero of the 99 are lower, but the proposals of Marco de Vincenzo and Stella McCartney show that revisits (logic, on the other hand) is more than possible without therefore losing the connection with the primitive.


Ray ban ORIGINAL WAYFARER at Collection

The manual of use that follows both the celebs and the runways? cheap ray ban sunglasses outlet, It is better to opt for looks that breathe in a way a purified air, which hair turn away from the face to make glasses more and that, in case of doubt, a black leather jacket will always be a good idea.